Our team consists of highly skilled engineers and technicians, all with years of experience in global mechanical equipment repairs on the largest, most complex equipment. We’re good at what we do and often succeed where others fail.   We’re available 24/7 for cost-effective specialist engineering services that keep your operations running under the harshest land or sea conditions.  From routine maintenance to in-situ emergency repairs in the remotest locations, you can call on our support anytime.


Reducing the need to dry dock a vessel for maintenance and repairs is fast becoming a worldwide trend in the commercial shipping world. Cassar offers afloat inspections, repairs, class surveys, replacement of stern seals and is also geared to cope with a growing demand for hull cleaning and propeller polishing, among others.


The shipyard offers a multitude of other services related to ship repair, steel works and any related marine works.


Our floating dock has a docking dead weight for vessels up to 126 metres in length, 20 metres in width and up to 5000 tons dead weight. Types of vessels docked range from tug boats, supply vessels, tankers, ferries, dredgers, barges, military vessels, passenger vessels and super yachts.


Engineering afloat is still considered as one of the main services provided inside as well as outside Maltese waters. A team of qualified personnel, supported by the experience of the Ship Repair Manager, is on call 24 hours a day, seven days a week.